This is a chapter by chapter summary of the book to help find quick access to certain chapters for reference.

Old StoriesEdit

The Flying LobeckEdit

The Road TripEdit


Digging Up RelativesEdit

Characters: Linda Downey, Jack Swift, Will Childers, Harmon Fitch, Susannah Downey
Locations: Coal Grove, Coal Grove Courthouse, Bluebird Cafe

Linda is driving to Coal Grove very fast to make up for lost time from school.  On the way there, she tells the boy that the relative of Jack’s they’re looking for is Susannah, who was believed to have the Second Sight.  When they arrive in Coal Grove, Linda goes straight to the courthouse.  She walks around back, and the group goes down to the cellar.  Linda is looking for the death date of Susannah Downey.  After much searching, Will finds the entry, and Linda reads that Susannah died by accident.  While searching, a man comes from above, and the group runs outside except for Linda.  The mysterious man shoots Jack in the back, but he is able to get away.  The boys go to the Bluebird Café where Linda was to meet them, and she arrives shortly after. There, a plan is made for Linda to go in one direction as a distraction and the boys to go searching for Susannah’s family heirloom. Linda gives them the hotel information and the boys check in at the hotel. Jack tries to persuade Will and Fitch not to come with him to the library, but they insist.


The Warrior HeirEdit

Characters: Jack Swift, Linda Downey, Will Childers, Harmon Fitch
Locations: Legends Coffeehouse

When the boys arrive at the car, Linda is very calm when giving directions. Jack finally remembers to take his medicine, but Linda says he won’t need it anymore. The group arrives at a new hotel for the evening, and Linda makes Will and Fitch promise not to tell anyone about the nights events. Linda drops off Will and Fitch the following morning, and takes Jack to Legends Coffeehouse to talk with him. Linda explains to Jack about the Weir and his family history. She tells him he is a warrior, like his ancestor Susannah, his powers have been subdued by his medication, and that he was meant to be a wizard. Jack learns about the basic abilities of each guild, that Wizards are the most powerful, and that most of his neighbors are Weir. Linda plans on leaving to distract Wylie, and tells Jack to wear his vest at all times, gives him a new medication from one of the neighbors to take instead of Dr. Longbranch’s, and information on the trainer that will help him learn to use Shadowslayer. When Jack gets home, he finds out his trainer is Leander Hastings, the assistant principal.